The MH mobile home park district is designed to provide a district in which the density of development will remain relatively low. Individual mobile homes will not be allowed on individual zoning lots. Mobile home parks would be governed by the Mobile Home Ordinance of the City. No mobile home park shall be permitted, except when served by an approved sanitary sewer system.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (part), 1970)

Permitted uses in an MH district include:

A.    Mobile home parks, subject to the mobile home regulations of the city;

B.    Churches, chapels, temples and synagogues;

C.    Parks and playgrounds;

D.    Schools: Primary, intermediate and secondary.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (A), 1970)


(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (B), 1970)

Lot size in an MH district is as follows:

A.    Minimum Lot Area.

1.    Mobile home parks: Two acres, provided that mobile home parks shall be permitted only when served by a sanitary sewer system approved in accordance with city health regulations and by regulations governing mobile home parks;

2.    Other permitted uses: Six thousand square feet.

B.    Minimum Lot Width.

1.    Mobile home parks: One hundred fifty feet;

2.    Other permitted uses: Fifty feet;

3.    Minimum lot depth: One hundred feet.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (D), 1970)

In an MH district, no structure shall occupy more than thirty percent of the lot area.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (G), 1970)

The setback requirements in the MH district shall be the same as those required in the R-4 district.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (E), 1970)

In the MH district, no structure shall exceed two and one-half stories or thirty-five feet.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (F), 1970)

Each mobile home park shall be subject to the provisions of the city regulations governing mobile homes and mobile home parks, and shall be served by a sanitary sewer system approved in accordance with city health regulations.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (H), 1970)

All signs permitted in an R-4 district shall be permitted in an MH district.

(Ord. 553 § 2-106 (A), 1970)