The C-1 neighborhood business district is composed of certain land and structures used primarily to provide retailing and personal services. The regulations for this district are designed to stabilize and protect the essential characteristics of the district, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for providing service to the people of the area, and to prohibit activities of an industrial nature. To these ends, development is primarily limited to restricted types of retailing and personal services plus those uses permitted in any residential district. The regulations are designed to permit development of the enumerated functions, limited by standards designed to retaining a favorable environment for the proper functioning of the district, plus certain public facilities which are needed to serve the occupants of the district. The regulations set out in this chapter shall apply to all C-1 districts.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (part), 1970)

The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright in a C-1 district:

A.    Food stores, limited to two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet of floor area;

B.    Mortuaries;

C.    Self-service laundries;

D.    Medical or dental clinics;

E.    Restaurants;

F.    Insurance, bank loan or similar financial institution;

G.    Other similar uses, but not including a use listed as a permitted use in the C-2 district.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (A), 1970)

The following uses are permitted in the C-1 district when authorized in accordance with the requirements of this title governing conditional uses:

A.    Any use permitted as a conditional use in an R-3 district.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (B), 1970)

The lot size in a C-1 district shall be as follows:

A.    Lots used for dwelling purposes shall be governed by the requirements as specified for R-3 districts.

B.    The minimum lot area for nonresidential uses shall be five thousand square feet.

C.    The minimum lot width at the front building line shall be fifty feet.

D.    The minimum lot depth shall be one hundred feet.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (D), 1970)

In a C-1 district, business buildings shall not occupy more than fifty percent of the lot area.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (G), 1970)

In a C-1 district, the yards shall be as follows:

A.    The minimum yard dimensions of the residential district shall apply on the sides of a lot abutting a residential district.

B.    The front yard shall be a minimum of twenty-five feet for all yards abutting a street.

C.    There shall be no side yard requirement for nonresidential uses, except as provided above; provided further, that corner lots shall have a minimum of fifteen feet for all yards abutting a street.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (E), 1970)

In a C-1 district within one hundred feet of a residential zone, no structure shall exceed forty feet in height, and in no case shall any structure exceed sixty feet.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (F), 1970)

In a C-1 district, the following conditions and limitations shall apply:

A.    All business, service, repair, processing, storage or merchandise display on property abutting or facing a lot in a residential district shall be conducted wholly within an enclosed building unless screened from the residential district by a sight-obscuring fence permanently maintained at least six feet in height.

B.    Openings to structures on sides adjacent to or across a street from a residential district shall be prohibited if such access or openings will cause glare, excessive noise, or other adverse effects on residential properties.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (H), 1970)

The following signs are permitted in the C-1 district.

A.    Signs permitted in the R-3 district;

B.    Signs identifying a business establishment or business area.

1.    One sign not exceeding fifty square feet in area.

2.    Signs shall be limited to those identifying the business establishment, except that no business sign shall be located within twenty-five feet of a lot in a residential district, a public park or a school and, if illuminated, shall cast no direct light on adjacent residential property or on streets.

(Ord. 553 § 2-201 (C), 1970)