For the purpose of Title 17 of this code, the jurisdictional area governed by these regulations is divided into zones designated as follows:

(Ord. 553 § 1-105, 1970)

A.    Unless otherwise specified, district boundaries are lot lines or the centerline of streets, alleys, railroad rights-of-way, or such lines extended.

B.    Where a district divides a land parcel under a single ownership into two districts, then the entire parcel shall be zoned for the less restrictive use by the adjustment of the boundaries, provided the boundary adjustment is a distance of less than twenty feet. If the adjustment involves a distance of more than twenty feet, the procedures for a district change shall be followed.

(Ord. 553 § 5-101, 1970)

Any territory hereafter annexed to the city shall, simultaneously with annexation, be initially assigned an R residential classification.

(Ord. 553 § 5-111, 1970)

A.    The location and boundaries of the districts designated in Section 17.12.010 are established as shown on the map entitled “Zoning Map of the City of Belleville,” dated ____ and signed by the mayor and city clerk, and hereafter referred to as the “zoning map.”

B.    The zoning map and all notations thereon are hereby made a part of the ordinance codified in Title 17 of this code.

C.    The signed copy of the zoning map containing the zoning districts designated at the time of adoption of the ordinance codified in this title shall be maintained without change on file in the office of the city clerk, except as otherwise modified by subsequent ordinances numbered 553, 751, 760, 762, 763, 764, 768, 769, 795, 847, 873, 880, 883, 911, 914, 915, 938, 956.

(Ord. 553 § 1-106, 1970; Ord. 553; Ord. 751; Ord. 760; Ord. 762; Ord. 763; Ord. 764; Ord. 768; Ord. 769; Ord. 795; Ord. 847; Ord. 873; Ord. 880; Ord. 883; Ord. 911; Ord. 914; Ord. 915; Ord. 938; Ord. 956)