The building inspector shall have the power and duty to enforce the provisions of this title. An appeal from a ruling of the building inspector shall be made to the board of appeals.

(Ord. 553 § 10-101, 1970)

A.    All permits, petitions, applications and appeals provided for in this title shall be made on forms provided for the purpose or as otherwise prescribed by the planning commission in order to assure the fullest practical presentation of pertinent facts and to maintain a permanent record.

B.    All applications for building and occupancy permits shall be accompanied by plans and specifications drawn to scale, showing:

1.    The actual shape and dimensions of the lot to be used and/or built upon;

2.    The exact sizes and locations on the lot of the buildings and other structures, existing and proposed;

3.    The existing and intended use of each building, structure or part thereof;

4.    The number of families to be accommodated, if any; and

5.    Such other information as is needed to determine conformance with the provisions of this title and of the building code.

(Ord. 553 § 10-102, 1970)

There shall be no building permit issued on a plot which does not consist of a platted lot or lots duly approved and recorded, except, that on three acres or more where the use of said land is entirely for agricultural purposes, a building permit shall be issued.

(Ord. 553 § 10-103, 1970)

The building inspector shall issue temporary permits for buildings to be constructed and used for storage incidental to construction of buildings on the property and for signs advertising a subdivision or tract of land or the lots thereon.

(Ord. 553 § 10-104, 1970)

A building permit for a conditional use or for a use involving a variance shall be void after six months if no substantial construction has taken place.

(Ord. 553 § 10-105, 1970)

The applicant or property owner who is approved for a building permit shall be required to repair, construct or install a public sidewalk per City standards along any property line adjacent to the City right-of-way, running parallel to any City street, the entire length of the property.  However, this shall only be required of an applicant or property owner who is constructing a new structure or significantly adding to an existing structure, as instructed by the City of Belleville.

(Code 2016)