The city of Belleville, a city of the second class, by the power vested in it by Article 12, Section 5 of the Constitution of the state, hereby elects to exempt itself from and make inapplicable to it KSA 79-1952, and provide substitute and additional provisions as hereinafter set forth in this chapter. KSA 79-1952 is applicable to this city, but is not applicable uniformly to all cities of the second class, and the Legislature has not established classes of cities for the purposes of imposing tax limitations and prohibitions.

(Charter Ord. 2 § 1, 1968)

A.    The governing body of the city is authorized and empowered to levy taxes in each year for the following city purposes; provided, that the city purposes specifically authorized by other statutes are not excluded because they are not enumerated herein. The levy shall be on each dollar of assessed tangible valuation of the city for the following purposes:

General government, which shall include but not be limited to the following activities:

       City government; police department; fire department; health and sanitation, including refuse collection and disposal; highways (all public traveled ways, including bridges); sewer maintenance, sanitary and storm, sewage treatment and disposal; parks, swimming pools, cemeteries; street lighting and other public lighting, restrooms and hydrant rental; forestry; civil defense; local flood control, traffic control; community buildings, memorial maintenance; library, airport, recreation.

B.    The governing body may levy an amount necessary to meet the requirements of its adopted budget.

(Charter Ord. 2 § 2, 1968)