A city of Belleville, Kansas capital improvements fund is established, as a portion of the annual budget of the city.

(Ord. 693 § 1, 1985; Code 2016)

Moneys for the city’s capital improvements fund shall be credited to such fund by budgeted transfer of moneys from other city funds lawfully available for improvement purposes, including moneys in the city’s general fund.

(Ord. 693 § 2, 1985; Code 2016)

Money in the capital improvements fund may be used to finance, in whole or in part, any public improvement need set forth in the adopted capital improvement plan, including the repair, restoration and rehabilitation of existing public facilities. Disbursements from such fund may be made for engineering and other advance public improvement plans and studies, and reimbursements may be made to the fund from bond proceeds, special assessments or state or federal aid available for the completed project.

(Ord. 693 § 3, 1985)

Except for such reimbursed expenses, no moneys shall be credited to such special fund except as may be budgeted annually, or transferred by the annual budget from other funds. Such fund shall not thereafter be subject to the provisions of KSA 79-2925 or 79-2937, inclusive, and amendments thereto. Moneys in such fund may be invested in accordance with the provisions of KSA 10-131, and amendments thereto, with interest thereon credited to such fund.

(Ord. 693 § 4, 1985)

Moneys which have been transferred to such special fund or any part thereof is not needed for the purposes for which so transferred, the governing body, by adoption of a resolution, may transfer such amount not needed to the general or other fund from which it was derived, and such transfer and expenditure thereof shall be subject to the budget requirement provisions of KSA 79-2925 to 79-2937, inclusive, and amendments thereto.

(Ord. 693 § 5, 1985)