There is created a city planning commission, consisting of seven taxpayers, of which number two members shall reside outside of but within three miles of the corporate limits of the city, and the remaining members shall be residents of the city.

(Ord. 481 § 1, 1965)

The members of the city planning commission shall be appointed by the mayor and by and with the consent of the council, and such members shall serve without compensation for their service.

(Ord. 481 § 2, 1965)

The governing body of the city may by ordinance change the number of members of the commission.

(Ord. 481 § 4, 1965)

Two members of the city planning commission first appointed shall serve for a term of one year; two of the members shall serve for a term of two years; three of the members shall serve for a term of three years. The terms of members first appointed shall begin on September 15, 1965, and thereafter members shall be appointed for terms of three years each. All vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term only.

(Ord. 481 § 3, 1965)

The city planning commission shall have such powers and duties and shall exercise and perform the same all as are now or may hereafter be delegated and prescribed by law, including but not limited to holding hearings, and considering and submitting recommendations to the governing body relating to planning and zoning in and for the city.

(Ord. 481 § 5, 1965)