All dogs in the city shall be licensed by license issued by the city. Licenses shall be valid for a period of one year, extending from January 1st to December 31st. The license fee shall be the amount that is established, from time to time, by the governing body of the city. Application for licenses shall be filed with the city clerk by the party desiring the same. Upon payment of the license fee prescribed, there shall be issued by the city a license tag of suitable size and shape and with appropriate means of attaching to the dog’s collar. Such license tag shall be attached to the collar, harness, halter or other strap on the dog, and shall be and remain so attached to such dog during the license period. Provided, however, that no such license shall be accepted until a written statement or certificate from a regularly licensed veterinarian is presented, showing that the dog has been vaccinated for rabies; provided, that dogs shall not be subject to vaccination requirements under the age of six months. However, after any dog being harbored within the city limits shall reach the age of six months, it shall be vaccinated within thirty days thereafter.

(Ord. 528 § 1, 1968; Code 2016)

All dogs in the city shall be vaccinated against rabies. Such vaccination shall be the type to protect such dogs from rabies and as generally and customarily prescribed by a doctor of veterinary medicine. All owners of dogs in the City shall keep the rabies vaccination current and up to date.

(Ord. 528 § 2, 1968; Code 2016)

It is unlawful for any owner or person in charge of any dog to permit any such dog to run at large within the city; provided, that any dog kept securely tied or kept within the private premises of the owner or person in charge of such dog, or led by a chain, rope or strap by some person in charge of such dog shall not be deemed to be running at large.

(Ord. 528 § 3, 1968)

A.    It shall be the duty of the police officers of said city to take into custody and impound any dog found running at large in said city, or any dog which is not bearing a current license tag issued by the city, or any dog for which a current certificate of inoculation has not been issued by a licensed veterinarian for such dog, or is all cases where the owner keeper, or harborer of said dog fails, neglects or refuses to produce such current certificate on demand.

B.    Each dog so taken shall remain impounded for no more than three full days unless sooner reclaimed as hereinafter provided.  During said three day period upon request to the City Office by a person seeking to reclaim a dog so impounded and furnishing satisfactory proof to the Chief of Police or officer acting for him, that the claimant is the owner of entitled to the possession of said dog, it shall be delivered to the claimant at the place of impoundment upon payment to the City of Belleville of the following fees:  $10.00, plus the sum of $15.00 per day or a fraction thereof for feeding and care, for the first reclaiming of said dog; or $20.00 plus the sum of $15.00 per day or a fraction thereof for feeding and care for the second, and for each subsequent reclaiming of the same dog, if it is owned or was in the possession of the same person or a person in the same immediate family, as when last previously impounded.

(Ord. 674 § 1; Ord. 528 § 4; Ord. 794; Ord. 917; Ord. 955; Code 2016)

In order to capture or subdue any dog so being taken into custody, police officers are authorized to employ all necessary proper and humane means, including the injection of drugs by projectile or otherwise to temporarily quiet or immobilize such dog.

(Ord. 528 § 6, 1968)

If any impounded dog shall not be claimed and the required sums paid as above provided within the three-day period, the City will make any effort to find the animal a suitable home, otherwise, the animal may be killed in a humane manner. The animal may be sold by the City to any person for any sum he deems reasonable, and the proceeds paid into the city general fund.

(Ord. 528 § 5, 1968; Code 2016)

It is unlawful for any person, other than a duly authorized officer, to break open or attempt to break open the dog pound, or to take or release from the pound any dog kept therein, or to interfere or attempt to interfere with or hinder the performance by any police officer of the city of any of his duties under this chapter.

(Ord. 528 § 7, 1968)

Any owner, applicant or other person found guilty of violating any of the terms of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction therefor, be subject to a fine of no less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, plus court costs, and shall in addition thereto be liable and responsible to any person who suffers or sustains any personal injury or damages because of such dog.

(Ord. 528 § 8, 1968; Code 2016)