An amendment to the text of this title, or the zoning map, may be initiated by the city council, by the planning commission, or by application of a property owner or his authorized agent. The planning commission shall, within thirty days after a hearing, recommend to the city council approval, disapproval, or modification of the proposed amendment. The planning commission shall initially consider proposed amendments initiated by a property owner or his authorized agent only at the regularly scheduled meetings.

(Ord. 553 § 9-101, 1970)

An application for amendment by a property owner or his authorized agent shall be filed with the city clerk twenty days prior to the planning commission meeting at which the proposal is to be considered. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars.

(Ord. 553 § 9-102, 1970)

Before taking final action on a proposed amendment, the planning commission shall hold a public hearing thereon. After receipt of the report on the amendment from the planning commission, the council shall take official action on the amendment.

A.    Notice of Hearing. Notice of time and place of the public hearing before the planning commission and of the purpose of the proposed amendment shall be given to the city recorder in the following manner:

1.    If an amendment to the zoning map or text is proposed, the notice shall be by one publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the city not less than twenty days prior to the date of hearing and by mailing written notice not less than twenty days prior to the date of hearing to owners of property within the area enclosed by lines parallel to and two hundred feet from the exterior boundaries of the property involved, using for this purpose the names and addresses of the owners as shown upon the records of the county assessor. Where all property so located is under the same ownership, owners of property abutting that of the same ownership shall be notified in the same manner as provided in this section.

2.    Failure of a person to receive the notice shall not invalidate any proceedings in connection with the proposed zone change.

B.    Recess of Hearing. The planning commission may recess a hearing in order to obtain additional information or to serve further notice upon other property owners or persons it decides may be interested in the proposed amendment. Upon recessing for this purpose, the planning commission shall announce the time and date when the hearing will be resumed.

(Ord. 553 § 9-103, 1970)

In granting an amendment to the zoning map, upon application by a property owner or his authorized agent, the city council may require the dedication of additional street right-of-way where an officially adopted street plan indicates need for increased width or where the nature of the proposed development warrants increased street width, and the council may require permanent screen strips or other devices to minimize conflict with residential land use.

(Ord. 553 § 9-104, 1970)

The city clerk shall maintain a record of amendments to the text and map of this title in a form convenient for the use of the public.

(Ord. 553 § 9-105, 1970)