It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business or occupation of installing, extending, altering or repairing of electrical wiring and materials incident thereto, for others, for pay, in or on any building or other structure in the city, without then having a valid electrician’s license issued pursuant to this chapter, provided, that a license shall not be required with respect to the work of any helper as to electrical wiring work done under the constant and immediate personal supervision of a licensed electrician, nor to employees of the city with respect to work on the power and light system owned by the city, nor to the repairing of appliances only.

(Ord. 195 C.M. § 1, 1949)

Application for an electrician’s license shall be made in writing to the City Clerk and be accompanied by license fee of $25.00. Such license shall expire on December 31st following date of issuance, shall not be transferable, shall be issued by the city clerk at the direction of the governing body, and when examination is required, only upon approval of the governing body.

(Amended during 1989 codification; Ord. 195; Ord. 891)

A.    There is created a position of examiner which shall consist of the Electric Supervisor.

B.    It shall be the duty of such examiner to examine each applicant for such license who is not exempt therefrom, touching his qualifications and ability. The examination shall be elementary and practical in character but sufficiently strict to fairly test the applicant’s qualifications and ability to comply with standards adopted and approved by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. In case of disapproval, the applicant may not be reexamined until the expiration of three months.

(Amended during 1989 codification; Ord. 195 C.M. § 3, 1949; Code 2016)

Examination shall not be prerequisite to issuance of license as to any person:

A.    Whose principal pursuit has been that of such business or occupation in the city for more than one year next prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter if application is filed within six months after such effective date;

B.    Whose latest preceding license issued pursuant to this chapter or any amendment thereof has not been revoked;

C.    Who holds a valid electrician’s license issued by any other incorporated city, if the applicant shows that the city issuing such license has an ordinance granting reciprocal privilege.

(Ord. 195 C.M. § 4, 1949)

A.    Any such license may be revoked by the governing body upon its finding, based upon showing made at a hearing before it, of which the licensee shall have reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard, that the licensee has, subsequent to issuance of his license and within ninety days prior to the notice of such hearing, willfully violated any ordinance of the city relating to the installation, extension, alteration or repair of electrical wiring or materials incident thereto.

B.    A new license may not be granted to a person whose license has been revoked until the expiration of six months following the first revocation, or the expiration of one year following any succeeding revocation, and examination and approval by the city examiner shall be prerequisite to issuance of such new license.

(Amended during 1989 codification; Ord. 195 C.M. § 5, 1949; Code 2016)

Any person who violates, or aids or abets the violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, plus court costs.

(Ord. 195 C.M. § 6, 1949; Code 2016)