It shall be the duty of the city attorney to represent the city in all suits and proceedings instituted by or against the city, or in which the city may be interested, in any and all of the courts of the state of Kansas, to prosecute all violations of city ordinances in the municipal court of the city, and in any other court upon appeal from the municipal court, to draft all ordinances, bonds, contracts, leases, conveyances, and all other instruments, not including proceedings leading up to bond issues, as required by the governing body of the city, upon such legal questions affecting the city as may be submitted to the attorney, to attend all regular meetings of the governing body and all special meetings thereof when notified to do so.

(Ord. 589 § 2, 1974)

A.    The compensation of the City Attorney shall be fixed by resolution of the City Council adopted at a regular meeting or special meeting of the governing body. Said salary payable monthly installments, in full compensation for all services performed, excepting such other matters as the Governing Body and said Attorney shall agree are of such a nature as shall entitle said Attorney to additional compensation, and in all of which exception reasonable compensation shall be allowed and paid.

B.    Itemized documentation will be submitted to the City of Belleville on the last working day of each month, for compensation after approval from the Governing Body at the following regular Council Meeting.

(Ord. 589; Ord. 655; Ord. 709; Ord. 761; Ord. 900; Code 2016)